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The Alien Secrets Investigators Team
Welcomes you to our Alien Secrets Online Forum

Here is the home for communications between you and our UFO Investigators, Scientists, Ufologists, Alien Abductees, Hybrids and Researchers. As a participant you in fact become a UFO investigtor. You can learn how to spot UFOS, and understand whats going on with UFO Abductions.
Form time to time will have manuals and tips for you to become a efficient UFO Investigator.

Please be sensitive to various points of views and maintain the proper etiquette.
No swearing and slandering please, or you will loose your membership privileges.
Enjoy interacting , learning, sharing, and discovering.
Many of our members have allot to offer in advice and knowledge.
If you have had a UFO sighting, you can share your story,
If you are UFO abductee, eye witness or hybrid,feel free to share your story and ask for advice or solutions to your questions.
Most of all of us are here trying to figure out what this whole phenomena means.

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